Metrunner #STHLM Stockholm City Race & Trail Orienteering now open for entries!

Metrunner #STHLM Stockholm City Race and Trail-O is finally open for entries! Come and enjoy three days of urban orienteering and two days of trail orienteering challenge.

You gotta be quick ‘coz we’re only allowed to take 150 runners per race at the meantime! Of course, we’ll follow any changes in restrictions and adjust accordingly.

Read all the details on the bulletin or continue reading below!

Metrunner #STHLM Stockholm City Race and Trail-O, 16-18 July 2021

The races

On Friday evening we have a sprint in Liljeholmen to the southeast of downtown Stockholm where you’ll enjoy a sprint challenge in the evening sun.

On Saturday you’ll challenge your body in Kista, a suburb of Stockholm with uniform residential blocks and neighbour to a science park! The winning time is up to 100 minutes and it gets to 15-20km with the elite class. (Of course, the other classes are shorter.) In the afternoon you get a bit of Precision-O (a type of trail orienteering) where you test your observation with a number of “choose the correct marker” problems.

Sunday is the finale in downtown Stockholm with 3-8km of urban middle distance! Explore Gamla stan and Norrmalm at full speed. Then you get a TempO challenge in the afternoon when you must choose the correct marker ASAP!

Learn more about the race format and classes.

Entry options

We got a hotel package at our official event hotel, Scandic Alvik right next to the metro! Packages include hotel room for 4 nights (15-19 July 2021) with breakfast, as well as SL 7-day public transport card with unlimited rides, a free Stockholm orienteering guided tour, and last but not least, entry to all City Race and Trail-O races. Of course, you can also enter with races only without any additional perks.

A family package is also available for up to 2 adults and 2 kids up to 16 years old!

There are two entry methods: Eventor for members of a Swedish orienteering club, and Metvigo for others.


City Race & packages: https://met.run/e/stockholm-city-race-2021

Trail-O: https://met.run/e/stockholm-city-trail-o-2021


City Race: https://eventor.orientering.se/Events/Show/32795

Trail-O: https://eventor.orientering.se/Events/Show/36924

Hotel packages should be ordered on Metvigo or at info@norrskenok.se.

Travelling to Sweden

Note that Sweden currently only allows EU/EEA member state citizens and residents to enter. Residents from a number of other countries are also allowed entry. All (except Swedish citizens and residents) need a negative RT-PCR test to enter.

Stockholm is conveniently positioned in the middle of the Nordics, and downtown Stockholm can be reached from Arlanda international airport with a train ride less than half an hour.

Sweden is known for its natural beauty, and outside Stockholm you might want to visit locations and regions such as Uppsala, Gotland and Dalarna. Take an overnight train up to Lappland and into the Arctic Circle, and enjoy the midnight sun.