The race


Stockholm City Race and Trail-O 16-18 July 2021

Metrunner Stockholm City Race

City Race is an event format that takes place many days in an urban environment. Metrunner Stockholm City Race takes place on three days over a July weekend, with extra-long daylight that doesn’t give way to darkness until around 10pm.

The three days will be arranged thus:

  • Friday (16 July 2021): Sprint orienteering @ Gärdet
    Winning time 12-15 minutes for all categories.
    Distances range from 2 km to 4 km depending on category.
  • Saturday (17 July 2021): Urban long distance @ Kista
    Winning time up to 70-100 minutes in elite classes.
    Distances range from 4 km to 20 km depending on category.
  • Sunday (18 July 2021): Urban middle distance @ City
    Winning time up to 30-35 minutes in elite classes.
    Distances range from 3 km to 8 km depending on category.

Urban orienteering is based on speed and route choice. A leg between two checkpoints can have up to three or four major route choices, which is often decisive in getting an edge over your competitors.

Metrunner Stockholm City Trail-O

Trail Orienteering is divided into Precision Orienteering (Pre-O) and TempO. Metrunner Stockholm City Trail-O will feature both:

  • Saturday (17 July 2021): Pre-O @ Kista
    In Pre-O, you walk through the race course, observe and choose the correct marker at each checkpoint, based on the provided map and description. Whoever get the most correct answers is the winner.
    Markers (maximum five at each checkpoint) are counted from the left to right using the ICAO phonetic alphabet: Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo.
    In Elite and A Class, there may be a Zero answer if all markers are obviously not within the control circle on the map.
    There is a time limit but otherwise the time used to finish the course is not a ranking factor.
    To separate the rankings of competitors with the same number of correct answers, one or two time controls are used, in a format similar to TempO below (except that there are no Zero answers in a Pre-O time control).
  • Sunday (18 July 2021): TempO @ City
    In TempO, you visit a number of stations where you’ll be asked to answer a number of questions, for each of which you observe and choose the correct marker (there are a maximum of six markers at each station).
    To answer, you either point to the touchpad printed with alphabets, or speak aloud the corresponding ICAO phonetic alphabet (Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot) or Zero.
    The time that you took to answer all the questions will be recorded; for each wrong answer there is a time penalty.
    There is a time limit for each station; if you exceeded the time limit, all unanswered questions will be treated as wrong answers and given time penalties.